Top Rated Code Editors For WordPress Developers in 2020

Over the years, writing code has become an art in itself. Today, developers have access to a large number of programming languages that range from very basic Assembly to Ruby and Python. Despite the numerous choices in programming languages for a given project, one thing remains constant – every developer requires a code editor to write the code!

A good code editor is more than just a simple text editing tool. It is the place where the magic happens and written code transforms into a viable component for a larger project. Given this importance, it is no wonder that developers are very picky about the code editor they work with. Every developer wants a code editor that is fast, easy to use and offers just the right balance of features.

Since every code editor out there claims to be the best and the only code editor you will ever need, I have done the hard work of compiling a list of top code editors for WordPress developers.

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